The first 24-hour Virtual E-commerce Summit scheduled for 11 and 12 November 2020 will be an ideal platform for you can make the best decisions for your brand during uncertain times.

Uncover facts and numbers around how behaviours are changing, what products people are buying, and what industries are feeling the strain to help you determine what choices you can make for your business. E-Commerce sales may stabilize at a lower growth rate than they are today; yet, the behavioural changes are already in motion to change the retail landscape in its entirety.

The virtual event is spread across time zones to maximise networking opportunities through various time zones. We will be exploring the eCommerce trends in the following regions:

  • Asia Pacific: Where cross border trade has increased, but now might have to be reassessed during the time of COVID
  • Middle East and North Africa: We will explore how to keep the momentum for these retailers, since the adoption of online shopping has spiked due to COVID-19
  • Europe: Where there have been supplying chain challenges due to borders that are closed
  • LATAM and Caribbean: This region has also been experiencing exponential growth, but how will they manage product shortages?
  • North America: Here there has also been an increase in eCommerce sales, but there has been an increase in fraud that cannot be ignored

The eCommerce Summit will be delivered through an advance networking tool.


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